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Parents Upset Over Common Core Pull Their Kids From Public Schools

We'll hear from a couple who chose to pull their children from public schools because of their unhappiness over the new Common Core standards.

Wicomico Schools Cautiously Move To Use Cell Phones As A Teaching Tool

Cell phones, once banned, are now increasingly being used as a teaching tool in the Wicomico County Public Schools.

The Coast's Singing And Praying Bands, A Pop Art Take On Nature And Son's Bike Ride Pays Tribute To Father

We take a look at the Singing and Praying Bands of Maryland and Delaware, the pop art of Charley Harper, and the story of how a son is paying tribute to his father in the Sea Gull Century bike ride.

Maryland State Senate Candidates Ratchet Up The Politicking

The general election is still months away, but the campaign for Maryland's State Senate District 38 is already heating up.

Siblings Tackle "Mount Everest Of Swimming," And Building A Better (Solar-Powered) Bike

We'll meet a group of siblings whose summer goal was to swim the English Channel. And we'll hear from college students who spent the past few months building a solar-powered bike.

Bulgarian Student Shares Story Of Her Beating, Robbery

A Bulgarian college student shares the story of being robbed and beaten this week while walking home from her Ocean City job.