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After Tragedy, Ocean City Regroups To Help The Vulnerable

One year after a devastating fire started by a homeless man, Ocean City has rallied to provide help to homeless and vulnerable residents.

Where The Party Never Ends: Quitting Alcohol When It's All Around You

We'll conclude our series on our region's drinking culture with the story of a Delaware chef who recently got sober.

African-American Students Raise Their Voices On Racial Tensions

African-American students in our region are hoping to start a new dialogue about race -- a dialogue they say is needed now more than ever.

Where The Party Never Ends: Confronting Alcohol Abuse On The Front Lines

We'll look at Worcester County's particularly high rates of binge drinking, in the latest part of our series, "Where the Party Never Ends."

Regional News Roundup With Steve Green, And Blue Angels Descend On The Coast

We'll look at shifting political dynamics in our monthly look at the region's top news. Then, we'll meet members of the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels air team.

Somerset Launches Ambitious School Meals Program To Target Hunger

We'll visit the Somerset County schools, which will be the first in Maryland to serve free breakfast and lunch to all its students.

Can Food Trucks Gain Traction On The Coast?

A small number of food trucks in coastal Delaware are trying to make inroads into the region's competitive food scene.

Rehoboth Chefs Tackle Hunger, Honor Legacy Of One Of Their Own

Rehoboth Beach is known for its thriving restaurant scene -- but it's also got plenty of people who go to bed hungry.

How A Beach Umbrella Business Got Caught In A Debate Over Storm Response

What does a beach umbrella business have to do with a town's handling of big storms? In Bethany Beach, the answer is: A lot.