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Local Hospital Prepares For Remote Risk Of Ebola

Doctors at Peninsula Regional Medical Center are working to educate the public about the Ebola virus.

Delaware Residents Continue Fight Against Proposed Chicken Plant

We'll get the latest in a dispute between residents and a chicken processing company that wants to set up shop in Millsboro, Delaware.

Ocean City's Fluid Council Race Heats Up

There are plenty of newcomers vying for a spot on the City Council in Ocean City this year.

The Battle For Maryland's First Congressional District And Ocean City's Evolving Food Scene

We'll explore the issues at play in the race for Maryland's First Congressional District. Then, we'll look at Ocean City's changing culinary culture.

Regional News Roundup With Steve Green

There's a growing debate over whether Ocean City is too rowdy—and whether it can afford to become more sedate.

Can Food Trucks Gain Traction On The Coast?

A small number of food trucks in coastal Delaware are trying to make inroads into the region's competitive food scene.

Newspaper, Town of Ocean City Gird For Court Battle Over Drowning Victim's Name

A court battle is brewing over Ocean City's refusal to release the name of a 17-year-old drowning victim to a local newspaper.