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Regional News Roundup With Steve Green

Street musicians, pole dancers, smokers - the debate over who belongs on the Ocean City boardwalk continues.

The Struggle To Combat Counterfeit Merchandise On The Coast

Bryan Russo investigates the difficulties prosecutors and law enforcement officials endure to fight the billion dollar counterfeit merchandise industry.

Grassroots Organization Helps J-1 Students Get The Most Out Of Their Time In The States

In the second part of our analysis of the J-1 Visa Program, Bryan Russo speaks with Irish students about their “American experience” in Ocean City, and meets a volunteer group that aims to ensure the students are treated fairly while they are here.

EPA Aims To Clean Up Maryland Coastal Bays, And Chincoteague Theatre Company Brings Local Folklore To Life

The EPA aims to substantially reduce nitrogen and phosphorous levels in Maryland’s Coastal Bays, and a theatre company in Chincoteague Island, Virginia is bringing new meaning to the term “local production.”

Boardwalk Musician Speaks Out On Unexpected Impact Of Lawsuit Against Ocean City

We'll talk with the man whose lawsuit may have opened the floodgates for all kinds of performers on the Ocean City boardwalk—even a pole dancer.

Are Foreign Students Being Exploited By Coastal Businesses?

Are foreign students who come to the coast getting a valuable cultural experience? Or are they merely cheap labor?

Siblings Tackle "Mount Everest of Swimming" And Building A Better (Solar-Powered) Bike

We'll meet a group of siblings whose summer goal was to swim the English Channel, and we'll hear from college students who spent the past few months building a solar-powered bike.

Credit Card Hacking Puts New Strain On Ocean City Businesses, Banks

Last month, hackers planted a virus in the credit card systems of local businesses. We'll explore how much these crimes are costing the community.