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An Old Industry Re-Emerges On The Eastern Shore, And Rehoboth Art League Pursues Expansion Plan

We'll look at the history of craft brewing on the coast. Then we'll hear about the expansion plans of a high-profile arts organization in Rehoboth Beach.

A Crimson Tide Sweeps Over Maryland

Maryland Republicans are riding high after Tuesday's big wins for the GOP.

The Eastern Shore Regains A Bit Of Influence With Election 2014

We'll talk with a former secretary of state about how Maryland bucked long-running demographic trends with Tuesday's election.

Wallops Island Rocket Explosion Rattles Scientists, Witnesses

Scientists are still piecing together the cause of a dramatic rocket failure at NASA's Wallops Island facility this week.

A Heated Fight For The Maryland Senate Enters Its Final Days

We'll talk with Democrat Jim Mathias and Republican Mike McDermott—the candidates in the District 38 Maryland State Senate race.

Maryland And Delaware Get Ready For Health Care Open Enrollment

We'll find out what coastal residents need to know about the upcoming open season for health insurance plans.

Local Hospital Prepares For Remote Risk Of Ebola

Doctors at Peninsula Regional Medical Center are working to educate the public about the Ebola virus.